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Hope you all are well. It’s yet another wet night in London, I’m beginning to truly despise this time of year weather-wise, and it’s only just begun! Someone, take me to a beach somewhere please!

Anyway, you didn’t come here to listen to me bitch about the weather, you came here to see what Big Al’s been thinking about ‘The Walking Dead’ and the explosive opening episode of Season 5. So, with out further delay, here is Big Al’s take to the story so far..

I’d just like to point out that this is not another review of the Season 5 première episode No Sanctuary. There literally tons of those already and adding another to the batch around 3 days after is kind of pointless.


This is more like post about things that for me stood out in the episode. Important bits of information, great character development, revelations and such.


As we all already know Season 5 began in the UK on Monday night on Fox. Normally if you miss a show you can catch it via Fox+1 an hour later. But what Fox did in addition was show the first episode twice in a row. The show is so popular it is worth showing twice in a row. Which means that the same episode of The Walking Dead were broadcast four times over a period of 3 hours. I know this was a slightly boring over explanation, but I’m not aware anything like that happening. Interesting way to ensure viewing figures are as large as possible. (Sorry, I just had to share that with you as I love boring facts).


It turned out that pretty much everyone loved the premiere. And rightly so. It had it all. You saw it too, right? I know, it was so flipping good. So here are the things that stood out to me.


Carol is officially a badass

Carol has evolved crazy amounts. Just think back to season one. She is nothing like how she used to be. Season one Carol couldn’t stand up to her abusive husband, that version of herself would not have been able to do what Season Five Carol pulled off.


She raided Terminus with pretty much little effort, causing a big enough distraction (blowing up a gas tank) for Rick, Glen, Daryl and Bob becoming meat for the Terminus cannibals. The woman was legend for covering herself in zombie guys and taking shots with a rifle at Terminus guards whilst among a sea of walkers. It was so hardcore. Plus, a woman saved the day without any help from a man and viewers didn’t freak out about it.


Terminus Cannibals

Remember when there was a barbecue going when new people arrived at Terminus. Yeah, well the meat on that barbecue was…people. They killed people and ate them in order to survive. We got to see a glimpse of why they no longer trust people and decided turn new arrivals into scrumptious succulent burger patties and faux pork ribs.


Many atrocities were witnessed during the early days of Terminus. From what I gathered, although I could be a bit wrong, Terminus was a sanctuary, unfortunately a group of newcomers then turned it into a living hell. Gareth and co then managed to rise up and defeat them. “You’re either the butcher or the cattle”. So they became the butcher LITERALLY!. I’m pretty sure we’ll see flashbacks as to how the uprising occurred.


Is Eugene Full of Bullshit?

Yes, the mullet sporting scientist explained how a his cure could wipe out the zombies. How would this be done? Simple. By using another disease to fight this disease, thus wiping out any walkers. Apparently his team also developed a system that could wipe out all human life on earth. Now, doesn’t that sound a little far fetched?


OK, I’m fully aware that i’m talking about things being far fetched in a show about zombies. But everything that comes out of Eugene’s mouth is just a little bit on the weird side. I really think he is a conspiracy nut who conducted some minor experiments in his garden shed. I’m sticking with that theory until I’m proven wrong.


You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry


I’m not sure if Tyrese isn’t actually The Incredible Hulk. He disposed of 3 (could have been more) walkers with no weapons to hand and punched a guy to death without breaking a sweat. All of this was done after earlier hinting to Carol that he wasn’t ready to take out walkers. The fact that Judith’s life was in danger changed all that. I’m all up for seeing Tyrese/Hulk go to town on both walkers and human enemies.




Morgan is back and has his shit together


Last time we saw him, he was crazier than a Lady Gaga music video. But now he has his head back in the game. I assume Rick’s group left the marks on the trees to lead people away from Terminus, but I didn’t notice anyone with a knife. Plus, wouldn’t those same tree marks lead any Terminus survivors straight to them?


So many questions, some of which we’ll have answers to in the coming weeks. I’m looking forward to it too.


Until next time. Big A signing off.


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