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Here’s the 1st of our contributors, ‘Messiah Complex’, giving his thoughts on what he’s looking forward to in 2015, enjoy!

So! When I was asked to write an article for this insanely incredible blog site thingy, I initially scoffed. I mean, I haven’t written anything extracurricularly (not a word, I don’t think, and don’t care) since before uni, back when I used to write raps (who didn’t) to which my music got rave reviews (from local mandem in stairwells in the area) and mild success (music got played at a birthday house party once) but since then I have used my brain only for the menial tasks for retail. Writing has always been a Moby Dick of sorts to me, not that I’m not good at it, I’m amazing, the Goliath here is in the choosing, choosing out of the infinite wonders that will spring forth this year I must chose only five things that I cannot wait for. How do narrow it down to just five things? I hate choice sometimes, I should have been born into a dystopian communist society, this or that, or just that. Simple. No offence intended. Anyhoo, here we are, this is my top five cant waits for 2015, in no particular order. Please enjoy and leave all opinions, comments and monetary donation in the comments section below.

1) Lupe Fiasco’s Tetsuo & Youth album

Anyone who knows me knows I love most things that come out of Chicago; deep pan pizza, the Bulls and of course, Lupe fiasco. By the time this comes out the album will be out and I definitely cannot wait. Wasalu Jaco has had a great career, fantastic albums (we won’t mention Lasers) great tours and music videos. Most of his early work has been hailed as some of the greatest works in hip hop artistry ever created. Food and Liquor was an incredible body of work and his concepts are so intricate and complex you find yourself unfolding another layer of a song you’ve listened to countless times. There are so many reasons why this dude is my favourite rapper, I don’t want to turn this post into a Lupe appreciation post but this guy is a gift. I remember the first time I heard “Dumb It Down”, it went over my head, I didn’t get it, it was too complex. I had to break it all down on Rap Genius. After that I was hooked, I had to know more. I researched his entire back catalogue and did my best to decipher all his rhymes and it was absolutely worth it. One of the things I love about this guy is his infinite wealth of knowledge and his cultural references. His into all the cool things you are (trust me) and he lets you know all the times. The Cool was absolute masterpiece, it had everything and the pictures he paints are mind-blowing. In my opinion, he can be held in the esteem as the great Nas, only he doesn’t have the charisma Nas has. Food & Liquor II again was an amazing effort with some of his greatest bangers. I could go on about how awesome he as an artist is but this is primarily a bout the album so let’s get back to that. I have since hear “Deliver” and “Into It” and I am convinced once again of the genius that is Lupe. Ive been waiting for this album for a long ass time and I know I will not be disappointed. This as far as I understand this will be his last album with Atlantic and it will serve as a big fuck you and good bye, which he has been doing ever since Lasers (I swear I said don’t mention that again) Heres to Tetsuo & Youth! Whatever that means

2) MY birthday

Yes folks that’s right I’m looking forward to my birthday this year. I feel this is due to the fact that its going to be my first ever 30th birthday. 30 for most people sparks all sorts of feelings in different people. Regret, loss, despair, old age. But for me, it gives me a chance to act my age and come into myself. Some of the coolest people I know are in their 30s and doing all manor of cool things, for me 30 represents liberation and freedom to really move about space and time. I’m not longer bound by the very thing that should have allowed me to soar freely, youth. I’m old enough to know better but young enough to not give a monkeys. My time is now! I’m excited for all the possibilities this year holds during the mile stone day so let me at em. I’m gonna wrap this one up I’m getting way too mushy with myself.

3) Adidas x Pharrell Williams Superstars

If you have a Instagram account, or a life, depending on who you are, you would have seen this image worthy of bringing you to your knees in adoration. Imagine! Your favourite shoes in every colour imaginable. Oh me garsh! Adidas enthusiast and Neptune enthusiasts for that matter are going to go crazy over these, no doubt they will cost around the £200 mark. Just because they can and we will all queue and camp up to get them. I intend on collecting the whole palette and arranging them all along my room. A man can dream cant he. Sneaker releases are a big deal to some of us and they certainly are for me, just not enough to camp out and queue for hours on end to get a pair of overpriced footwear. The Superstar is an iconic piece of hip hop and sporting history, made famous of course by RUN DMC ain the music world and in the sporting world by Kareem Abdul Jabbar preforming his legendary sky hook in the world’s first pair of leather non floor marking trainer. It’s been revamped and restyled and stood the test of time and popularity

and modern shoe technology for decades which is why I love them so. Pharrell has already collaborated with Adidas to revamp the timeless Stan Smith shoe in some cool colours but none so much as these new Superstars that are due to drop this year! Definitely looking forward to these bad boys.

4) Trip to Japan


Well… well, well, well, this boys and girls is a massive deal for me. I’m going to Japan this year after years of research, procrastination and setbacks. I am finally going to Japan in 2015. This is almost like a pilgrimage to the Mecca of all my cultural fantasies. I’m completely under the impression it will be everything I dream it will be. My good friend Adam invited me after a very brief discussion we had on the land of the rising sun and instantly realised our mutual affinity of the east. We will be staying in Tokyo, of course which is going to blow my whole mind out the back of my head. Everything I hold dear has either comes from, was made in or based in Japan. It’s a country rich in history art and technology. It boasts a whopping 127.3 million resident’s 30 million of which live in Tokyo, futuristic artificial beaches, fine seafood dining, and uncapped access to Manga and Anime!!! I’m not even going to pretend when I say I am going to do all the touristy things I can find and think of. I need to get on a bullet train, I need sushi, I need Japanese rap music and of course I need to hang out with some cool Japanese ladies. I don’t even like watermelon but I need a square watermelon as well. I have been told that the night life isn’t fantastic. The music is a little different to what we enjoy here in the UK, apparently they still turn up to the Beatles and love electronic pop but I can’t and won’t let that put any kind of damper on my spirits. Besides going to the place where all my favourite things are, I cannot overlook the fashion that springs forth from the hippest

most happening place on the planet. It is out cheap however, so I plan on taking a credit card and maxing that bad boy right out.

5)  The Avengers: Age of Ultron

This one is a big of a no brainer, as excited as I am about this release it feel an equal sense of meh. Yes It’s going to be good, amazing even but I feel like well yeah Its gonna be awesome, why won’t it? Besides that I can’t think of anything else to add to my list and I refuse to be shown up by these other bozos writing how much they’re looking forward it writing with such splendour. I will not be shown up! This last post was a cop out. Thanks guys! x

The elusive Messiah Complex.

the elusive 'Messiah Complex'
the elusive ‘Messiah Complex’