Howdy amigos!

As one of our new features for the blog, we want to give you recommendations for things we think you our readers will enjoy. Last week, Richard was very lucky to get the opportunity to meet two established authors that are shaking up the Fantasy fiction genre!

Liz de Jager is the author of a stunning trilogy of fantasy novels known as ‘The Black Heart Legacy’. In the video below you can watch her give her 30 second pitch for the first book ‘Banished’ ;

You can find out more about Liz and her books here;

In the second video, we hear from author and journalist Maria Lewis, who manages to pitch her book in under 10 seconds and show off her Gambit tattoo! Check it out below;

You can find out more about Maria’s novel, ‘Who’s Afraid?’ on her official website;

Please show your support for these two great authors by visiting their websites and if any of their books catches your eye, you can find them at all reputable book retailers. Many thanks to Liz and Maria for giving up their time for us, if you or your work would like to be featured in one of our ‘recommends’ videos, just fill in the contact form below with some details and we’ll be in touch!

Jason P.