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I’m assuming by now that you have all seen the awesome teaser trailer for ‘Captain America:Civil War’? Good, we can all begin geeking out together then!

This highly anticipated sequel has been high up on most geeks radar ever since it’s title was announced at Marvel Studios spectacular ‘Phase 3’ announcement event in October last year. As Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige made clear, this film is the last in the story arc of Captain America and his search for his missing friend Bucky Barnes. If you saw ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, you’ll know that Bucky underwent  a brainwashing program that altered his memories and turned him into a dangerous assassin known only as ‘The Winter Soldier’. This trailer seems to quickly resolve that particular arc rather quickly and things escalate from there to thrilling heights. I had a job on my hands not to get overly emotional whilst watching it, but I managed to wipe the tears from my eyes quickly enough to make a few observations that I thought I’d share with you now!

So first up, the tone of this trailer was fantastic. I say this because, there is a small part of me that was getting a little tired of the non-stop quips and one liners that we keep getting in Marvel studios trailers. I understand that this is necessary for certain characters, but for me it begun to feel like all the films were blending into one long joke. Straight away, we got two things that I never really got from previous Marvel teaser trailers; drama and a sense that these events mattered. The conversation between Bucky and Cap is great in that it captures the bond between them perfectly. Then Cap immediately lays down the stakes of the situation, Bucky’s life is in danger!

Cap,Bucky and Scarlet Witch prepare for battle

We then learn that the world is pretty fed up of Cap and his team effectively operating as their own private army, tackling problems as they see fit. We see a tremendous explosion in one scene that suggests that perhaps there is a particular event in this film that proves to be the ‘straw that breaks the camel’s back’, the catalyst for this final change of attitude towards our heroes.  We see the return of General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross (played by The Incredible Hulk’s William Hurt), who is looking every inch the dictatorial politician. Cap is made aware of of something called The Sokovia Accord, which obviously bares relation to the events of ‘Age Of Ultron’. So the question is, what is this event that causes the world to want to take the stance it does? Bucky seems to be the catalyst for some of these events, so what does he do? And is it really him or is he being set up? Ah, so many deliciously antagonising questions..


Just look at that look on Tony’s face and tell me that is not the look of a broken man! I hoping that the trailer has not spoilt something big, and I’m hoping that Rhodes is okay, but my spidey sense says this is not good..and speaking of everybody’s favorite wall crawler, Spider-Man has yet to make an appearance, but this is something I’m totally fine with. This movie has so many good things going for it, that I can wait until I see it before I see him.

It seems like every character involved will have their own high stakes and reasons for having to choose their specific allegiance, either to Cap who wants to protect Bucky at all costs, or to Iron Man, who believes that accountability and transparency are the only ways to survive in these dangerous times. There are also a few potential ‘wild card’ characters, such as..


Now, I have to admit, I’m not 100% sold on the Black Panther costume. To me, in this shot it looks a little too much like a Biker Jacket and Crash helmet combo. The vibranium accents are a nice touch, but in seems a lot less streamlined to my eye, then the concept art images we have seen of it. That said, this is a low resolution still, and I have yet to see the costume in actual context with the character and the events of the movie, so i’ll reserve final judgement until then. What I will say is, the spin kick to Bucky’s face was AWESOME! and that seen where he is chasing Bucky, whilst being chased by Cap is DOUBLE AWESOME!!  The fact that we are finally getting to see Black Panther on the big screen gives me all the feels, as if I didn’t have enough of these feels already!

Super Powered Beatdowns!

This scene is probably the stand out from the teaser. It’s preceded by a line delivered by Tony Stark that broke my geek heart in two. The choreography in this scene is brilliant, but I couldn’t help feeling so sorry for Iron Man as he effectively has his metal ass handed to him by Cap and Bucky. Surely someone must be coming to Stark’s aid soon? He doesn’t stand a chance against these two in full flow..


There were lots of other things that I noticed in the trailer, but those were the main things that resonated with me. The Russo Brothers look like they have delivered another tense, thrill ride of a movie, let’s hope it lives up to expectations. Hurry up May 2016, i’ve got lots of money I want to give to you!

Peace out Amigos!

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