Todays man crush monday is a tortured soul.  One of the original avengers but a character who didn’t really hit his stride until he was portrayed on film much like the actor who played him. We can only be talking about one man, the Invincible Iron Man Tony Stark.  Or as he likes to self proclaim, “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.”

Iron man was created in 1963 and was in Stan Lee’s own words marvels equivalent to Howard Hawks.  Similarities can be seen in the physical appearance of both men and Tony Starks father also being named Howard. In the later years apart from a few good story lines from here and there Iron Man was only considered an A list character by default.


Robert Downey jr was a child actor who in his later years fell on to hard times, drink, drugs and women.  Everybody by now knows his story, so its especially ironic when you look at the character of Stark in the first film and how it parallels Downey jrs.

Tony Stark starts off as somebody who is compulsive, prone to self destructive tendencies and a textbook narcissist as is explained in Agent Romanovs evaluation of him concerning his entry into the Avenger initiative.  Throughout his films Stark partakes on a journey of self discovery and the interesting thing we find out is that all the faults that he possesses are what make him such a lovable character so he doesn’t actually become a different person per se he and the audience just accepts him for who he is.

In each of his appearances you can break his character down into different evolutions:

Iron Man: Tony Stark becoming Iron Man and becoming the hero while still being narcissistic as evidenced at the press conference which takes place at the end.

Iron Man 2: He comes to grips that even though he is a superhero he still is still a man with issues like everyone, in his case text book daddy issues.

Avengers: He has to understand that he is not the center of the universe and to be great he has to become part of something great.  He also learns humility and what it means to sacrifice oneself.

Iron Man 3: He has to understand his place in the world and get over his fears that he may be the invincible iron man, but invincible is something that he is actually not. He finally understands that he is more than the parts of his armour and that for him to become even better he has accept all parts of himself.


So that ends this weeks Man Crush Monday sorry about the one weeks break but unfortunately between a case of taking my son to A & E after his impression of trying to be Spiderman and then my wife coming down with shingles its felt like my own personal episode of agents of shield.  So on that note i shall leave you to ponder on todays choice and until next week (catchy farewell catchphrase inserted in here)

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