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Hope this week finds you all well. Just a short post for now so, I’ll jump right into it.

Around 10 pm last night, the news broke that one of the most enjoyable shows on TV, ‘Hannibal‘, has been cancelled. ‘Variety’ reported the story here. I am a big fan of the show, and this news came as a surprise to say to least. Judging by the reaction on my social media feeds, I’m not the only one in mourning today.  According to the article, the show has been the victim of poor viewing figures in the US, with it’s most recent episodes hitting an all-time low. In the cut-throat world of American Network television, there is no space on the time slots for ‘slackers’, even high quality slackers. (Remember when ‘The Wire’ was “the greatest show that nobody’s watching”?)

I began watching the series as it aired in the UK on Sky TV with a morbid curiosity. Part of me wanted to know how such a familiar story would be handled in a different medium whilst another part of me wanted ‘Hannibal’ to crash and burn in the worst way for having the temerity to adapt one of literature and cinema’s most loved characters for a format as unfitting for his grandiose nature as TV. Yet, as season 1 drew on, I found myself becoming more and more fascinated by the show. Mads Mikkelsen’s portrayal of everyone’s favourite psychopathic cannibal psycho-analyst, is just so darn good. He’s the perfect ‘Hannibal’, Brilliant yet utterly soulless, seductive and yet completely revolting. He’s the personification of  the evil humanity is all too capable of, and I’ve grown to love him for it. Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham is a superbly tortured man, struggling to contain the demons he relies on to do his job. Add to this a stellar supporting cast of Laurence Fishburne, Caroline Dhavernas and the always excellent Gillian Anderson , and you have a core cast of immense talent. Creator Bryan Fuller and his team of writers, directors and producers have loving crafted a dark, complex, adult drama series that challenges viewers to take a peek into the most demented minds imaginable and walk away at the end of 60 minutes without feeling even the smallest amount of pulse pounding emotion.  I enjoyed season 1 as a whole, though I had one or two issues with it, but season 2 simply blew me away. Everything that was positive about the previous season is amplified to dizzying levels and the breath-taking finale is some of the most gripping television I have ever experienced. I don’t want to give anything away as I’m aware some of you reading this may not have seen the show or are even watching it at the moment and haven’t reached that point. Suffice to say, you will not be disappointed! I read a tweet from one fan last night that described the show as one of the most visually arresting on television and I’d have to agree. The use of ‘mise en scene’ in the production is outstanding, as is the cinematography capturing this world in a grimy lens of insanity and despair.

It seems that all hope may not be lost for the show as the creators remain confident that other broadcasters will be interested in picking it up (Netflix, are you listening?!) but as thing stand, the show will come to an end at the culmination of season 3. So my friends, the purpose of my post today is simple. It is to beg you all to please get into the show! If you are a fan of horror or just fantastically well performed television, you will enjoy this on some level, believe me! All seasons are available On-Demand in the UK via Sky TV and other providers, so you really have few excuses to not watch it.

Right, that’s your lot for now, I’m off to go have a cry at my desk and drink a bottle or two of Chianti..

Jason P.

A cosmic, comic book culture consuming, hayfever suffering, cartoon watching ninja, who's stuck in a time-warp. Can often be found watching retro cartoons on YouTube or aggravating my cat.
A cosmic, comic book culture consuming, hayfever suffering, cartoon watching ninja, who’s stuck in a time-warp. Can often be found watching retro cartoons on YouTube or aggravating my cat.