Hopefully man crush monday is one of the things that makes it easier getting out of bed after hitting your snooze button at least twice.  As ive said before mcm has no boundaries to genre or medium.  Not every man is a super man, sometimes just being a man is more powerful than any locomotive.

My man crush monday is Aiden Shaw from the show Sex and the City.  Aiden was one of Carrie Bradshaws long term boyfriends.  I know a few of my lady friends that would say Carrie was meant to be with Mr Big and he was her prince charming yada yada yada.  Out of all of the men that Carrie dates Aiden is the most emotionally stable and is willing to do everything and anything for her. He lets her move in and buys her apartment when she cannot afford her rent, he goes to check up on her friends when they are feeling sick, he even takes her back when she admits cheating on him with Mr. Big. Last but not least don’t even get me started about when she loses his dog!!!

Carrie gets married to Mr. Big and lives happily ever after but in a twist on modern day fairy tales she hurts him and pushes him away (she broke his heart). Aiden is the one that got away and he ended living happily ever after way before she did.


I think that’s enough of the Carrie bashing, what i mean to say is that the only thing that was wrong with the relationship is that Aiden loved Carrie more than she loved him.  In a day and age where it is easy to lambaste the name of men and how useless they can be Aiden represents the qualities in men that are usually not sung about. Hes loving, wants to be loved, hes giving and forgiving. 

So to end this i present Aiden Shaw with the award of man crush Monday, you are trully the real Mr. Big. I salute you.


Thats todays man crush Monday, sorry if i got emotional its just these woman programmes know how to pluck at my heart strings (sob sob).  See you next week.

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