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If you should find yourself taking a wander down the South Bank one day this, I would urge you to take a detour via Cornwall Road & check out one of the coolest exhibits you find in a spot of London that is already so damn cool, you’ll need a winter coat just to cope with it all!

Tucked away just off the river is an enthralling exhibition by artist Nathan Sawaya, dedicated to his love and inspiration for DC Comics biggest and brightest heroes. Though the subject matter might seem a bit niche, this is actually a well thought out and stunning collection of displays that do as much justice to the work of the many comic book artists and writers who have breathed such vibrant life into them over the years. But more than just that, it presents a man’s vision for how these iconic heroes have shaped his life. Sawaya has reinterpreted these classic stories and images in ways that bring so much more to the characters then you could have imagined. Do you want to know what makes it all the more fun? It’s all done with Lego!! Talk about 2 for the price of 1, eh?

The vibrant art that awaits is just around the corner..

From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with a great introduction video from Nathan himself, explaining the inspiration behind the his work and then you enter the main exhibit in all it’s wonderfully geeky glory. The exhibit is divided into different concepts, based around specific characters or designs that the artist has explored through his Lego sculptures. So many of your favourites are all here, realised in the quirky brilliance that only Lego can deliver.

This great piece depicts the birth of ‘Cyborg’ complete with original comic book panels.

Along with this, there’s also some uniquely original takes on classic characters, such as is great piece depicting a showdown on a football field between Victor Stone aka Cyborg and Slade Wilson aka DeathStroke;

It’s Cyborg V DeathStroke, but not as you have seen it before..

There’s also a glorious section dedicated to Diana Prince herself, Wonder Woman!

Wonder Woman ready for battle!

The Superman exhibit is also stunning, each piece is a careful thought out meditation on the many things the Man Of Steel represents for fans around the world. Perhaps my favourite piece is this beauty, complete with glowing lazer eyes:

The Last Son of Krypton in all his Lego glory!

There is so much to see here, and there is also plenty of interactive exhibits and activities too. There’s also a Lego construction area that Rich’s son Luca made full use of, and plenty of video games and Lego sets to buy in the gift shop.

All in all, I can’t recommend this highly enough. It’s an absolutely thrilling way to spend an afternoon, and if there’s any part of you that loves DC comic book characters, there’s simply going to be no way that you won’t leave this place without a huge grin on your face. Even if you are not a comic book fan, the sheer artistry and ingenuity of the pieces will delight even the most cynical of you. You will fall in love with DC comics and it’s characters just like the rest of us have!

I don’t want to say anymore than that, as I would hate to spoil the experience for any future visitors, but if you would like to see some more, Rich is compiling the best of our photos on our Instagram page here. Make sure you give us a like and follow us for more content like this.

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Jason P.