The first time I remember seeing David Bowie was in 1980 something when he did a duet of ‘Dancing In The Street’ with Mick Jagger. Like a lot of the duos that come into my life in as a child, I always picked the cooler of the two as to who I would be. David Bowie in his trench coat and matching leopard print top and bottoms, was a cool fashion no brainer (Slightly deviating, but other similar tough choices I had to make in my childhood was picking between Starsky or Hutch, Bodie or Doyle and Ponch and the blonde guy from chips).

I have never claimed to be a David Bowie fan but since I was a child I’ve always thought he was super cool. I recall seeing Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence in which he played a p.o.w in a concentration camp, The Man Who Fell To Earth and the Goblin King in Labrinth. Coincidently, my favourite appearance by him aside from the aforementioned duet with Jagger was as the guest judge when Hansel vs. Derek in Zoolander; Slim cut suit (check) cool looking hair (check) ‘cool britannia’ cockney accent (check).

Even as a young child I remember being baffled and at the same time in awe of this man who had one eye a different colour and never appeared as the same person twice. And on top of that he was a singer. This androgynous human being was something that oozed coolness from his pores so much so that both men and women were able to base themselves off him (just throwing it out there but a biopic starring Tilda Swinton as Bowie, written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Terry Gilliam would by blow my mind).

David Bowie, immortalised by artist Yoshitaka Amano

I could probably only name you a handful of songs that he created. I say create and not recorded because that’s what artists do, create. Through the different songs he created, the different characters he envisioned himself as or the stunning supermodel that he married, he always did everything with beautiful flair. Every action was a stern reminder that he was always a step ahead and somebody that marched to his own beat. Not only has a great talent been prematurely stopped but a great light of a human has been extinguished by a disease that sees no colour, age or creed. An 18 month battle with cancer in which he continued to release music to express himself such as he did with Ziggy Stardust to Aladdin Sane shows a passion that is seldom seen in music artists nowadays who so boldly claim to be visionaries of the modern age, please sit down and pay attention. People like Bowie and Lennon, Biggie and Pac come but once in a lifetime. On that note I say R.I.P. and god godspeed David Bowie.


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