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If you have been following our podcast, you’ll know that in one of the episodes, we got the chance to sit down with Nigel from Mayamada (you can listen to it here) to discuss the many brilliant things he and co-founder Lao are doing with their brand.

One of their ventures is a fantastic social gaming event called ‘Game Pad’. It’s a great way to have fun playing the games you love whilst also getting to meet new people. They have kindly sent us some more information around the event and with a new one coming up on the 8th of April, we high recommend you take a minute to read through the following below to get a flavour of what the event is all about:

GamePad Logo

“Fresh from a hit Christmas event, one of London’s most creative geek culture brands will host their growing social gaming event in east London this spring, along with the new Nintendo Switch console!

Part of the London Games Festival Fringe events lineup, Mayamada is making gaming fun for everyone with their GamePad event – supported by Ubisoft, Capcom and Nintendo. The British manga brand is inviting all comers to have fun making new friends while gaming in their unique universe of characters during the Easter holidays.

GamePad 1
Gamers at Mayamada ‘GamePad’ event.

Social gaming is when a diverse range of people come together in the same physical space to make new friends while playing games. An original concept in a world of online gaming where gamers often play against unseen opponents in another time zone.

We’re bringing back the magic of gaming with friends in the same room. Nintendo’s new Switch console fits that ethos perfectly and we can’t wait for people to play it together” – Nigel, Mayamada co-founder.

Nintendo’s new Switch console, will be the main attraction at Mayamada GamePad. Guys, girls and families are all getting in on the act. Gaming today is more inclusive than ever and the audience at Mayamada GamePad is breaking down social barriers and stereotypes through video games.

The event takes place on the border of Hackney and Tower Hamlets where communities often raise issues of social cohesion. Here, video-games are used to captivate those from different ethnic backgrounds, brought together by a common interest for an experience where your games library matters, not your postcode.

That message of inclusion runs through the event’s guests to its staff. By teaming up with local charity Urban MBA, Mayamada are providing opportunities to other small businesses supplying food and drink. Mayamada are also partnering with charity Resurgo Spear and creative college Big Creative Education to provide work experience opportunities to young people eager to make a positive start to their careers. All encouraged to engage in work through their shared passion for gaming.

On Saturday April 8th, fun competitions for adults and kids to get involved with, prizes and special guest appearances will complete the family friendly fun atmosphere taking over the Maker Wharf, Bethnal Green venue from 12pm. Tickets are on sale now at £10 for single entry (with 2 kids under 11 free) or 3 for 2 group tickets at £20.”

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get a bit bored of scoffing down chocolate and roasted lamb over Easter (although they are both delicious, but not at the same time), so why not pay ‘GamePad’ a visit? We will be there and if you ask us nicely, we may just do you the honour of pasting you on Super Smash Brothers! You can find out more about the event & purchase you tickets at:

You can also visit the official Mayamada YouTube Channel to get more of a flavour of what the event is like. Don’t forget, you can also follow Mayamada on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  You can also check out the flyers below for more details.

Jason P.