If you are a 70s or 80s child then you should know that today’s man crush monday would have been the cause of many arguments amongst small boys in the playground.  The corellian smuggler known as Han Solo is today’s choice.  A space age cowboy living in modern times who having heard tales of jedi knights and the force would still rather live by his blaster and good old fashioned luck.  Something which hasn’t done him too badly ( well not until the empire strikes back, but you know this story already ).

For years i wanted to be Luke Skywalker, he was young, had a lightsaber, the force so with all this he was clearly the hero of the story. Well me being the narcissist that i am of course i wanted to be Skywalker.  It wasn’t until i got older that i started to see the qualities in Han Solo i mean hes cool as hell, got the fastest ship in the galaxy ( his ship the millenium falcon did the kessel run in 12 parsecs ), his smart ass quips come thick and fast, his best friend is a cross between a bear and a dog and last but not least the only person he takes orders from is himself.


The persona of Solo is so popular that in my opinion the character of Indiana jones is just a rehash who fights nazis ( galactic empire ).  Even more so every rugged hero that has come after seems to have been in some way influenced by his smart, happy go lucky rugged looks persona, examples being Captain Mal Reynolds from the series Firefly to even the new Captain James Kirk from Star Trek.

Throughout the 3 star wars films it can be argued that he is the only character that has the most amount of growth, in star wars he starts off as a loner who realizes the importance of being part of a group and helping for the common good.  In the empire strikes back he sacrifices himself to help protect Princess Leia when they are captured by Darth Vader and also at the beginning of the film when he once again rescues Lukes life on the ice planet Hoth.  In return of the jedi he declares his love for the princess whole heatedly, becomes a true believer in the force and finally ends up with the family unit that he had been missing all those years.



The qualities that han solo possesses to make him qualify for man crush monday are:
He’s quick witted and smart mouthed
He is able to evolve as a man ( he understands when he is wrong and is not averse to change )
He has a strong sense of loyalty
He believes in family
He will shoot first ( ask Greedo ) if need be
Hes that older brother that will look out for you.
Hes Indiana Jones in space!!!!

Maybe next time you’re stuck with a particular decision stop, take a second and remember back to this man crush monday and ask yourself what would a scruffy looking, nerf herding, smuggler from corellia do.  Maybe just maybe you will find the answer (  and the droids you’re looking for ).  Until Next week may the force be with you. Always.

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