Me again, introducing a new feature we have which will hopefully give the powerboost you need on a Sunday night to slay the soul-sucking demons (A.K.A Colleagues)  that await us all on Monday morning. #SoundtrackSunday, is where Rich and I will share with you some of our favourite tracks from Movies, Video Games and TV Shows that we have enjoyed over the years. Music has a way of touching us deep within, of triggering memories both good and bad. It can become a context within which we define ourselves as people, or a way of escaping the pressures of modern life. Sunday is the perfect day for reflection and motivation and one track that always kicks my ass when i’m feeling lethargic is is ‘I Against I’ by Massive Attack & Mos Def. It feature’s on the soundtrack for Blade 2, one of my favourite sequel movies and a film that pushed the boundaries of both action and horror cinema. I remember a Total Film review describing the movie as ‘Nu-Metal Horror’ and I always loved that description. The track itself is a rip-roaring crescendo of pulsating bass, screeching synths, and melodic, flowing rhymes from Mos Def that complement the track perfectly. I soon as I put this track on, I instantly imagine myself as the Daywalker, strapping up for battle against the undead fiends who prey on the living. But even if you’re not battling vampires in your spare time, the track is great for preparing to deal with a stack of overdue accounts, preparing reports or dealing with that prickly customer that just won’t go away! So wrap your ears around this and enjoy!

‘I Against I’ Massive Attack & Mos Def


So what are some of your favourite tracks to motivate you on a Sunday night? Is there any music from Video Games, TV Shows or Movies that have struck a chord with you? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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Wesley Spines in all his glory!
Wesley Snipes in all his glory!