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Hope you have all had a relaxing weekend.


Monday is creeping up on us once again like to a stealthy, yet completely deranged killer. Not a lot unlike Rosamund Pike’s character Amy, from the movie ‘Gone Girl’ which I had the opportunity to finally watch last night. It’s a great throwback psycho thriller, the type which Hollywood used to make before they became obsessed with ‘torture porn’ If you were a fan of the likes of ‘The Hand That Rocks The Cradle’ and ‘Single White Female’ you’ll love it, so go check it out! I’ll post a more in depth analysis of the film later.


Back in September, Rich and myself had the pleasure of conducting our 1st interview for Woo Long Talks with the amazing Holly from Darkside Comics UK. She had plenty of interesting things to say about the current state of the comic industry and the challenges of running your own comic book store as well as all the other things we love. I’ve tried my best to clean up the audio, but unfortunately we don’t have access to a high quality editing suite, so you’ll just have to be patient with us and ignore the occasional break in the flow of the conversation to serve customers and the trains that pass by (The shop is located under a railway bridge). So if you want to hear what Holly has to say, click here;


Interview with Holly from Darkside Comics


And if that’s whet your appetite for a visit to Darkside Comics, why not drop by their website for your latest comics, graphic novels, merchandise and so much more;


Darkside Comics website


Right, that’s it for now, i’m off for my Sunday dinner, see you all again soon!


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