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It’s been a while. I’m sorry for the radio silence recently, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks here at Woo Long Talks towers. Things are slowly sliding back into normalcy, so expect more content from us soon.

Anyway, our friends Nigel & Lao from Mayamada are back with another GamePad Event! The last one was a great success and this one promises to be even bigger and better. Here’s Nigel with the details;

” Video games are a $99bn industry. More than 30 million people played games in the UK in 2016. Yet gaming is often seen as a disconnected activity only enjoyed by individuals online. Two London entrepreneurs are using the power of the internet to change that view and show gaming as a socially inclusive and fun activity for all.


With their social gaming event “Mayamada GamePad”, Mayamada are challenging an overemphasised perception of gaming being an unsocial and geeky pastime, Mayamada GamePad provides an opportunity for guys, girls and families to get involved. It’s a space where gaming is for everyone, as well as a great place to make new friends playing titles from Mario Kart to Street Fighter, as well as board and card games.


Nigel Twumasi and Lao Karunwi, mayamada co-founders whose business is supported by the Prince’s Trust, are on a mission to recapture the excitement gamers feel playing friends in the same room. They will launch a £3k Kickstarter to bring their social gaming event to a new venue in East London’s Tech City, and expand GamePad to reach more female gamers, gamers with disability and families who want to play together.


mayamada GamePad is an event with fun at its core, and a Kickstarter with a serious message. Online gaming is too often surrounded by stories of online harassment and social isolation. By making gaming an activity rooted in the real world with real people who meet and become friends, problems of animosity and trolling go away.  


Perfect for the family, mayamada GamePad focuses on games where friends can play together on the same screen and does not showcase any 18 rated games.

“We want an event that allows everyone to get involved; whether you’re an expert or parent who wants to spend time with their children. No matter where you’re from or what you look like you can enjoy games.” – Nigel, mayamada co-founder.


GamePad Logo

With that inclusive spirit, mayamada GamePad already has the backing from some of the gaming industry’s biggest names, with both Ubisoft and Nintendo supporting previous events and the social gaming vision. Nigel and Lao are expecting to attract more gaming industry heavyweights for their summer event.


Backers are asked to pledge money to help make mayamada GamePad a reality. If successful, they will be able to build a safe and inclusive space for gamers from all walks of life to play together.


“There are a lot of gaming events out there already, but we want to create something with a family-friendly and community atmosphere,” says mayamada co-founder Lao.


The Kickstarter will launch on Tuesday June 13th and end on Thursday July 27th, the event will be on Saturday, August 29th. Kickstarter rewards range from Early Bird 2 for 1 tickets, beanie hats, signed gaming artwork, and opportunities for organisations to sponsor the next event.



Kickstarter campaign: | GamePad event information: | Facebook: mayamada | Instagram: @mayamadatees | Twitter: @mayamada


For more information, please contact mayamada co-founder Nigel Twumasi | Mobile phone: 07904550290 | Email:




mayamada are a creative brand set within their own universe of original characters. Inspired by anime and manga, they have been featured in publications from Vogue and GQ to NEO and London Live.


Set in a fantasy television world with an all-animal cast, the company was founded in London by Nigel Twumasi and Lao Karunwi whose passion for creating stories and original fashion led them to fuse both into a world filled with character and limitless imagination.


Website: “

So there you go folks, as said, this one is gonna be big! Make sure you check out their Kickstarter for more information or head over to their website.

We’ll be there and if you recognise us, come say hi! If you are foolish enough to challenge us to Super Mash Bros. expect no mercy.

Jason P.