Howdy Amigos!


We trust you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year full of joy, laughter and geeky goodness.


As Richard and I both work full time alongside doing what we do here, we felt it necessary to take some time to recharge the batteries and enjoy a well earned seasonal rest.


That said, 2015 is now upon us and like the mighty phoenix we have risen from the ashes of our slumber to share our thoughts and feelings on all the things we love and we hope you will all join us once again as we explore the worlds of Comics, Movies, TV and cultural events, giving our own unique perspective on things.


This year promises to be an exciting one from this point view, with a brand new Star Wars movie and Avengers; Age Of Ultron set to be among the highlights, but with lots of potentially great new shows on TV and big events coming up in comics too, we are entering the beginning of a period of 7-10 years that promise to be truly memorable for fans around the world. If you’re not in anyway a geek, all I can say is it sucks to be you right now!


We’ll see you all next week with some new posts, so until next time..


..See you space cowboy.




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