Howdy amigos!

We are gearing up for this week’s podcast recording, and it should be a whole heap of fun! We will be broadcasting live over Google Hangout at 8.30 pm (GMT) on Thursday 7th of July.

This week, we will be discussing our guilty pleasures in movies, video games, comics and tv shows and trying to decide which are the ones we would recommend to you the viewing public. If you want to get involved and make some recommendations for us, please do! You can get involved by emailing us on or by filing in the contact form attached to this post. Don’t forget to give us a screen name so we can give you a shout out on air!

To find out more or to watch the live broadcast click on the link below;

Don’t forget, you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch our previous podcasts here;

We are really looking forward to this one, so we hope you can join us!

Jason P.