Howdy Amigos!

Having enjoyed an extended holiday, we are back once again!

As a few of you out there no doubt know, we have been running the Woo Long Talks podcast for a year now and we’ve had a blast doing it. We’ve given our thoughts on a number of different topics from the world of movies, video games, comics and pop culture. We’d love for you to join us, so why not subscribe via SoundCloud, iTunes, Acast & Stitcher and let us know that your listening and what you would like us to cover?

If you are not sure what we are about, you can check out the first of many bite size clips from our podcasts, on our YouTube channel here;

In this clip taken from episode 13, Rich Reviews try to con us into accepting G Force Battle For The Planets as his choice for an 80s or 90s animated show he would like to see remade (it was originally created in the 1970’s, so we weren’t having it!) eventually, we got him to narrow down his choice to the cult classic ‘Samurai Pizza Cats’ which is as fun a choice as you can get!

We’ll have more bite-sized clips coming up very soon, so stay tuned.

Jason P.