Howdy amigos!

Art Ludique-Le Musée & DC Comics have rolled into town with their acclaimed exhibition ; ‘DC Exhibition : Dawn of Superheroes’ at the O2 in London. being the nerds that we are, we couldn’t let an event like this pass by, so we decided to go and check it out. Having heard some mixed reviews about the event, we approached it with some trepidation, but I’m glad to say that in our opinion, it’s well worth the trip.

There is more of a focus on DC Comics influence on expanded mediums, rather than the comics themselves, but there is enough original sketches and classic covers to keep most comic book enthusiasts happy. In fact, upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a run down of how Superman came into being along with some the classic covers from the 1940′ & 50’s.


A classic cover from the ‘Action Comics’ series by Fred Ray

But where the exhibition really comes into it’s own is with it’s focus on the movie adaptations of these iconic characters. There are original costumes and props with full video breakdowns of the many influences behind them and a ton of concept art that is both striking and beautiful. Say what you will about the varying quality of the movies themselves, the artists that have been hired to bring our childhood heroes to life, have truly poured their hearts and souls into. There are some really eye opening exhibits here, and the costumes are truly imposing!

Ben Affleck is a bloody big man!

All in, it makes for a real fine day out for comic book fans and movie fans. Adult tickets start from £18 so it’s not necessarily that cheap, but if you are a DC fan, this is a must see in an easily accessible location.

You can find out more about the event on their official website, and you can check out some of our photos on our Instagram page.

Jason P.