I know it’s been a while, but we are still here and we are back!

Rich is joined by regular guest and filmmaker Jed Shepherd to talk about the trailer for the big screen adaptation of the iconic videogame series, “Monster Hunter” and also run the rule over video game movie adaptations in general, to see were things have improved and where they haven’t!

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Sheroes – 'Sister Street Fighter' & 'Alien Vs Predator' Woo Long Talks Podcast

This week, Jason recommends to two movies, with bad ass women protagonists; the 1974 exploitation classic 'Sister Street Fighter' and a movie that everybody seems to hate but is close to his heart, 'Alien Vs Predator'! Don't forget to leave us your reviews and feedback, this really helps us to grow. Check out our sister show, Danger Room Analysis, live and exclusive on Instagram, every Thursday at 7.30pm GMT; Our show sponsor has a new home! Get all your bespoke nerd fits from Made With Rage! New website is here; — Send in a voice message:
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