Howdy amigos..

We hope that the ‘Monday Blues’ haven’t gripped you too tightly. I’m currently fighting it by simultaneously enjoying some delicious left over Roast Pork and Macaroni Pie whilst communicating with you lovely people and ordering tickets to the 3rd Annual Shaolin Cultural Festival (more on this later). Hey, who says men can’t multi-task?

On Saturday, Richard and I paid a visit to Darkside Comics UK in Chelmsford, Essex as the store was celebrating its 1st birthday. It was actually our 2nd visit, as we had the pleasure of meeting the store’s owner, Holly, last month. We sat with Holly to have an in-depth discussion about her loves in the ‘geek’ world and she had some fascinating things to say about the current state of comics and the industry as a whole. We shall have a full transcript of her interview along with a recording of the interview posted up on our podcast channel very soon. We really think you should take a listen when it’s ready, Holly was a great interviewer and the passion she has for the culture and the business of selling comics really came through. Of course, as soon as the recording is ready, we’ll let you know! We also wanted to take this opportunity to wish Holly and everyone involved with the store a very happy belated birthday! It’s a fantastic store that stocks just about everything a nerd needs to indulge their senses. Holly is a gracious and welcoming host, which is so refreshing when compared to certain stores you find in London (no names mentioned for fear of legal reprisals!). So if you live in Essex or if you don’t, do us a solid and pay Darkside Comics UK a visit, we think you will be pleasantly surprised! If you want to find out more about the store visit here; and follow the store on Twitter @DarkSideComicUK

Over the coming weeks and months, Richard and I will be attending a number of upcoming cultural events in and around London. We’ll soon be going to the 3rd Annual Shaolin Cultural Festival , a 2 day celebration of  the Shaolin way of live, history and rich culture. The event will be opened by none other the Grandmaster of the Shaolin Temple, Abbot Shi Yongxin. There will be lectures on Zen, life and Shaolin practices as well as demonstrations of the monks incredible skills and even an exhibition of some of the priceless relics of the Shaolin Temple, including the 12 animals of the Zodiac which are fundamental the monks beliefs.  We are looking forward to a great day in south London, if you think you would interested in going you can find out more here;

We’ll also be attending the MCM Comic Con in London Excel on the 24th-26th of October. We consider ourselves veterans of this event, so we are treating it less like a convention and more like welcoming home an old friend, so we’ll have plenty of good post to share with you in the build up to the event, so stay tuned. If you want to know more about MCM, visit here;

Well, that’s enough from me for now, so until next time amigos, see you space cowboy..

Jason P.

Twitter: @WooLongTalks @Shakes_P

Darkside Comics is a great place to visit, stocking comics, movies, merchandise and so much more!
Darkside Comics is a great place to visit, stocking comics, movies, merchandise and so much more!