Man Crush Monday.  The day that women, men get to rejoice in the opposite sex that makes them contemplate leaving husbands, boyfriends and spark debates on social media.  Well being a man that’s confident in my own skin (meaning I love kids, exfoliate every night and I am not afraid to cry at sad bits in movies) my aim is to put something up here that my might tickle your fancy.
The MCM (man crush Monday if you haven’t been paying attention) goes to Bruce Willis as the modern day cowboy John McClane from the movie Die Hard.  During the 80s action films pretty much consisted of muscle guys with smart quip one line  dialoge.  During the big action movie war that went on between Stalonne and Schwarznegger  a pretty much unknown (well apart from the comedy tv series moonlighting) actor known as Bruce Willis snuck in under the radar and set the tone for a new type of hero which can still be felt today with charcters such as Liam Neeson in the film Taken.
Pretty much ordinary looking, a receding hairline and a sideways devilish smile john McClane could be any old joe schmoe walking down the street.  It just so happens that this old joe schmoe happens to be a nypd cop. The character of McClane is described as being a foul mouthed, wisecracking, no-nonsense new York cop with an itchy trigger fingerand a never say die attitude. These are qualities which im sure will appeal to male side of my audience I mean this guy sounds like a riot to take to a party right.  But the qualities which stick out and make him different to other characters is that he is a loving family man who cant seem to do anything right.  So much so that at the start of the film we find out that the reason why he is travelling to his wifes work place in nakatomi plaza is because they have been having some maritial problems and he wants to try and sort them out.  As he proceeds to take on the terrorists that have hi jacked the building we find out more about his character, his back story etc. in a touching scene over a radio conversation with his liason McClane states that just in case he does not make it out alive he wants everybody that he tried his best and that he loves his family (this is his head thinking logically).  Later on when the terrorists are discussing about how they are being taken out one by one his wife knows that McClane is still alive as no one can piss somebody off like he can.  With that you understand the reason why he is winning and they are losing its not just only because he is a good cop but because he has the heart and passion to whats right, he is a cop, father, husband and he refuses to lose on any count.
So with that man crush Monday concluded im gonna go do a face mask, have a shower and then go fight some zombies because im a metrosexual. Yippie ki yay motherf**cker. 

Rich kidd

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The wrong guy in the wrong place at the right time which just happens to be on man crush Monday which makes it right.